Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Self-aligning ball bearing has two structures of bore cylindrical and capered, the material that made into the rearing are steel sheet, synthetic resin and so on. The feature is spherical outer ring raceway and automatic aligning, which can make up the error. But it shall not exceed 3 degree of the relative gradient. Its lowest friction among the rolling bearings leads a smaller temperature rise even at high speed.

Self-aligning ball bearings mainly endure radial load and also take small axial load. With self-aligning function when axle (casing) limit the axial displacement within the clearance limit. They can work properly under the incline of internal and external conditions are not significant. These bearings are applying to the parts which of the bearing block hole cannot guarantee the same coaxial tolerance.

Self-aligning ball bearings with cylindrical bore and tapered holes. The materials of cages are steel, synthetic resins, etc. Which is characterized by the outer ring raceway is a spherical shape, with auto-mind, can compensate the different heart and shaft deflections caused by error, but, the outer ring relative gradient of not more than 3 degrees.

Shielded and self-aligning ball bearing assembly with sealing ring filled appropriate amount of grease at the time. It should not be heated or cleaned before installation. The bearings do not need lubrication during use, they adapt to operating temperatures between-30 ° c to + 120 ° c.

Application: Precision instrument, Low noise motor, Automobile, motorcycle and other machines.

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