Pillow Block Bearing

Pillow block bearing is a bearing unit that combine the rolling bearing and bearing seating together. Most insert bearings make the outer diameter a sphere. The structure varies in form and easy in installation. Also this kind of bearing has good versatility and interchangeability. It can easily work in severe environment.

Pillow block bearing simplifies outside structure of the machinery, making it more reasonable in assembling and maintenance, plus, it is with aligning property so that to protect torque load induced by assembling mistakes. In addition, as it is easier to be assembled on machine and lateral wall, it could be used on frame or anywhere of the machine Due to features mentioned above, the insert bearings with housings are used extensively as well as different types of the bearings themselves.

Pillow block bearing consist of a broad inner ring deep groove ball bearing and a bearing seat. This bearing is with compact units, aligning function as well as sealing facilities, convenient for assembling and maintenance, is applicable for hostile environment. It is used extensively in agricultural machineries, construction machineries, textile machineries, food-processing machineries as well as transportation systems, etc.

Housing can be made from a variety of materials- cast iron, thermoplastic, pressed steel or stainless steel. Insert bearings can be made in 52100 chrome steel or 440 stainless steel. A variety of options to lock the bearing onto the shaft include- set screw locking collar, eccentric locking collar or a squeeze style collar. For normal applications, a buna seal with a metal shroud shield is provided. For harsh environment applications, triple lip seals can be provided. Bearings can be provided with an anti-rotation pin. This will further reduce the rotation of the outside diameter of the bearing.

Application: Mining industry, Metallurgy, Textile, and etc.

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